Composition / Production

Client: Schweppes/ Level Two
Project: “Let It Out” TVC
Credit: Composition, Co-Production w/ Electric Dreams

Client: Electric Dreams/Netflix
Project: Glitch
Credit: Composition and Audio Editing

Director: Zak Hilditch
Project: These Final Hours (Winner of “The Age” Critics Award 2013)
Credit: Soundtrack w/ Cornel Wilczek 

Director: Kris Moyes
Project: Romance Was Born - City Limits 
Credit: Theme Composition

Client: Level Two/Foxtel
Project: The Kettering Incident
Credit: Psytrance Party Soundtrack Compostion

Client: City of Melbourne
Project: Federation Bells
Credit: Composition/Performance

Client: Vice/Dunlop
Project: “Player One” Web Promo
Credit: Co-Creator/Director/Soundtrack

Client: City of Melbourne
Project: MSFW 2014 TVC Promo
Credit: SFX

Director: Simon John Trevorrow
Project: Between the Lines
Credit: Soundtrack Composition

Artist: AD Mana
Project: First Life LP
Credit: Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Mix Engineer
Post-Production, Editor, VFX

Artist: Kirin J Callinan
Project: Embracism LP
Credit: Co-Writer/Vocals on “Halo”. Drum Programming on WIIW

Artist: Sally Dige
Project: Holding On LP
Credit: Co-Producer for Holding On/ Mix Engineer for Holding on LP

Artist: Zanias
Project: Through this Collaps EP
Credit: Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Mix Engineer

Artist: Mezko
Project: Guess Single
Credit: Arrangement/Co-Prodution/Mix Engineer

Video / VFX / 3D

Project: Promo - Overland  
Client: Forces   
Credit: Director/VFX

Client: Asuka Sylvie
Project: Pinion
Credit: VFX Supervision

Client: Leighton Head
Project: Margaret 
Credit: VFX

Client: AD Mana
Project: Blue Romeo Music Video
Credit: Post/Colour Grade/VFX/Editor

Client: EMI
Project: Miami Horrow Music Video
Credit: Producer/3D/VFX

Client: Dunlop/Vice
Project: Volleys Short
Credit: Co-Director/Art Direction/VFX

Graphic Design / UX

Client: FXpansion
Project: BFD2
Credit: UX/Interface/3D 
Packaging by Rus Brockman

Client: Siberia Records
Project: Forces - Overland 12”
Credit: Creator/Co-Designer w/ Rus Brockman

Client: Fleisch Records
Project: Forces - Newbody 12”
Credit: Creator/Design

Client: FXpansion
Project: D.CAM Synth Squad
Credit: UX/Interface/3D

Client: FXpanison
Project: BFD Expansion Range
Credit: Design/3D

Client: Temporal Cast
Project: Record Label Brand Identity
Credit: Co-Designer w/ Rus Brockman

Client: Zero
Project: Clubnight Identity and Promo
Credit: Design

Client: Outer Body
Project: Clubnight Identity and Promo
Credit: Design

Performance / Installation

Client: Vivid Festival 
Project: Opera House Performance
Credit: Composition, Performance, Light Programming

Client: MONA
Project:”High Brazil” Performance for Openning Night
Credit: Composition/Performance

Client: Melbourne Arts House
Project: 10th Birthday Celebration. Headline Act
Credit: Composition/Performance/Lighting

Client: Melbourne Music Week
Project: Gatekeeper Support at Melb Uni Carpark
Credit: Curation/Composition/Performance